Four copies of annual reports about sustainable investments.

Annual reports about our sustainable investments

The Church of Sweden has published yearly reports on its work with responsible investment since 2011. You can also find our investment policy further down on this page.


Performance in 2019 including bank and management fees amounted to SEK 1 582 million (SEK142.9 million the previous year) Returns for the overall portfolio amounted to 19.1 per cent (1.8 percent). This is 1.2 percentage points better than our benchmark index and 14.3 percentage points higher than the real rate of return target.

Upon writing (March 2020), as the Corona Virus is paralyzing a number of countries leading to quarantines and travel restrictions, the equities markets are riding a roller coaster and central banks as well as governments are issuing new advisories daily, we are clearly reminded of the financial market and society’s sensitivity as a whole to black swans.

Read more in the report Sustainable investments 2019.

You can download all our sustainable asset management reports on this page.  

Our report on responsible investment describes how the Church of Sweden integrates sustainability aspects in our investment decisions. It is primarily intended for parishes, dioceses and investors with whom we cooperate, but also for a broader public.

Church of Sweden financial policy and investment instructions. These should be read together.