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Our method of working

The segment referred to as ‘responsible’ or ‘sustainable’ investment is expressed in a variety of ways. The objective of the Church of Sweden is to be a responsible owner in the broad sense. Accordingly, we are long-term, active owners and we take advantage of our opportunity to influence business and industry in a sustainable direction, independently and in partnership with other investors.

An investor with a clear message

The Church of Sweden’s work with responsible investment has been ongoing for many years and is under constant development. 

Asset management is based on the financial policy adopted by the Central Board in 2010. The policy is based upon two fundamental values:

  • the principle of human dignity and the concept of stewardship as reflected in international environmental and
  • human rights conventions and existing frameworks for responsible business.

Based upon these two principles, asset management complements other efforts towards sustainable development within the Church of Sweden, at home and abroad. Lately, all dioceses have adopted similar policies.

The financial policy states we should be active and long-term asset owners

We attempt to impact society in positive ways through:

The companies we invest in

Our focus lies on well-managed companies that integrate sustainability into their business operations. At the same time, we do not invest in companies within controversial sectors that are considered to be problematic in light of the fundamental values of our Church. This regards for example, companies who extract fossil energy sources or manufacture weapons or tobacco.

Download our Financial policy including Investment Instructions for Responsible Investment (pdf, 21 pages).

The asset managers we select

We invest our assets in funds whose managers have a high level of expertise in integrating environmental, societal and corporate governance4 factors into their investment decisions.

We also contribute to new financial products being released onto the market by creating our own funds (such as SEB’s Ethos funds) and also as seed investors for new sustainability-oriented funds to be able to start.

By being active owners

We utilise our opportunities as an asset owner to influence individual companies and sectors as well as the financial industry in general. We make our views known and choose partners who, like ourselves, aim to be responsible investors with a long-term perspective. 

Corporate governance

Corporate governance regards how a company shall be governed, regulated and controlled to satisfy owners and stakeholders. The scope of the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance also includes board responsibilities and roles as well as auditing and reporting.