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Welcome to the Church of Sweden. Some of the original content is written in English.

The Church of Sweden abroad

The Church of Sweden abroad has congregations around the world. The mission for the congregations is the same as for a congregation in Sweden: celebrate services, hold baptisms and weddings and arrange activities for people of all ages.

Närbild på ett fönster med färgat glas.

The Church of Sweden Research Department

The Church of Sweden Research Department conducts strategic research in close collaboration with universities and other higher education institutes in Sweden and abroad.

Act Church of Sweden

Act Church of Sweden is a part of a worldwide community and is born by the belief in a God who takes stand for those who are marginalized. Together with courageous people around the world, we act for change and challenge oppressive structures. We want to do for others as we wish they would do for us.

Act Church of Sweden

Our work covers many areas, which includes support for project funding, partner membership and networking. If you are curious about what our work looks like, what we do and how you can get involved, you can read more about it here. If you don't understand Swedish, all pages can be translated into your language of choice using the google translate function.

Act Church of Sweden for partners

Our partner pages are for those of you who are in some way affected by the projects we support with our partners. On this page you can read about how we ensure the quality of our work, how you as a partner can make a complaint, and what your rights and obligations are as a partner of Act Church of Sweden.

Original content written in English

Advocacy work in sustainable development, peace, democracy and human rights