The work described in this report is governed by the Church of Sweden’s Asset Management Council who have received their mandate from the Central Board of the Church of Sweden in accordance with the provisions of the Church Order.

The Asset Management Council consists of:  

Electees from the Central Board of the Church of Sweden

Bertil Persson, Chairman

  • Chair Member in the Church Assembly since 1998
  • Born in 1940
  • Elected to the Council in 2007

Previous assignments include:

  • Director of Sveriges Riksbank (Sweden's central bank)
  • Adviser to the IMF
  • Alternate in the Central Board of the Church of Sweden, 2006-2013
  • Chair of the Church Fund, 1999-2006

Britt Sandström, Deputy chairperson 

  • Born in 1944
  • Elected to the Council in 2017

Previous assignments include

  • Political positions in municipality boards and committees, the latest ones in Västerås city and municipality.
  • Different positions in the diocese and parish of Västerås. 

Sven Kragh

  • Born in 1944
  • Elected to the Council in 2018

Other assignments

  • Member of ”Brandförsäkringsverkets stiftelse för bebyggelsehistorisk forskning”

Previous assignments include:

  • Chair Member in the Church Assembly, 1983-2017
  • Member of the Church council, 1985-2001 and 2014-2017
  • Member of the Church council's working committee, 2014-2017
  • Chairman of ”Centralstyrelsens förvaltningsdelegation”
  • Board member of the board ”Brandförsäkringsverket”, 1992-2005

External experts

Magnus Dahlquist, External expert

  • Born in 1968
  • Elected to the council in 2018 

Other assignments include:

  • Professor in Financial Economy at Stockholm School of Economics
  • Board member, Tryggstiftelsen
  • Board member, Administration council for Apotekets pensionskassa
  • Member, Nobel Foundation 
  • Member, Swedish Society for Medical Research

Previous assignments

  • Scientific advisor for Sveriges Riksbank, Swedish Pensions Agency and Swedish National Debt Office.

Åke Gustafson, External expert

  • Born in 1958
  • Elected to the Council in 2012

Other positions and assignments

  • Member in Movestic Asset AB’s board
  • Chair of the board for the foundation ”De Blindas Bokfond”

Previous positions and assignments include:

  • CEO of Insurance Industry Pension Fund (FPK)
  • CEO of Länsförsäkringar Fonder
  • Member of board for the PSA/PSF pension funds

Kajsa Lindståhl, External expert

  • Born in 1943
  • Elected to the Council in 2007

Other assignments include:

  • Chair of the Board, Tumba Bruk Foundation
  • Board member Thule Foundation (the Skandia Group)
  • Board member of the Institute for Financial Research (SIFR)

Previous positions and assignments include

  • Chair of the Board for Södersjukhuset AB
  • Board member in PRI Pensionsgaranti
  • Board member of The Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund (AP4)
  • CEO and subsequently chair of the board for Banco Fonder
  • Chair of the Amnesty Business Group