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Responsible investment

Committed efforts are ongoing at various levels within the Church of Sweden towards ensuring respect for the equal value of all human beings and the limits of nature. Asset management at the national level abides by the same principles.

We strive to invest in companies that are contributing to sustainable development through their conduct, goods, or services. We are active shareholders working to achieve sustainable value creation by engaging with companies and cooperating with other investors.

Based on the values of human rights and the environment

The policy is based upon two fundamental values: the principle of human dignity and the concept of stewardship as reflected in international environmental and human rights conventions and existing frameworks for responsible business. Based upon these two principles, asset management complements other efforts towards sustainable development within the Church of Sweden, at home and abroad.

The assets should be managed in the long term

Assets at the national level of the Church of Sweden, which are maintained as a buffer against future needs, totalled approximately SEK 7.4 billion at year-end 2016. The internal regulations of the Church of Sweden (the Church Order) state that asset management must take a long-term perspective, with an annual return requirement of 3% above inflation over a rolling ten year period.

Financing operations in parishes and dioceses

These returns make additional initiatives in parishes and dioceses possible. The General Synod, the supreme governing body of the Church of Sweden, has since 2008 regularly decided to withdraw funds from assets at the national level, which has led to total withdrawals of SEK 573 million from assets under management.


Download our Financial policy 2017 including Investment Instructions for Responsible Investment (pdf, 21 pages).

Responsible Investment

Our report on responsible investment describes how the Church of Sweden integrates sustainability aspects in our investment decisions. It is primarily intended for parishes, dioceses and investors with whom we cooperate, but also for a broader public.

partnerships to promote sustainable development

The Church of Sweden participates in several forums and initiatives that are working to promote long-term value creation and sustainable development:

Sustainable Value Creation
The Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) 
The Global Network Initiative


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Gunnela Hahn

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