Kvinna i vit päls med fjäll i bakgrunden.

Testimony about racial biology

A poem by Rose-Marie Huuva.

The priest and his servant dig up graves
a race scientist requests the skull of a Sami infant
a sharp edge separates the head
from the cold child’s body

the family mourns their child
at the funeral, the mother and the father
are spared from the knowledge
that the priest asks God
to bless their child without a head

Mother naked afraid in front of the white cloth
is photographed from the front back right and left sides
and the terrifying race scientist’s iron measuring instrument
like an arrow through the head

After 85 years in the basement of Carolina Rediviva library in Uppsala
I find you
my mother my family my people
in the race scientist’s 20 size charts in the nude photos

My mother 8 years old
defenceless children no one protected you
from the abuses of the long-skulled people

I read the Sami Bible
Lord who may dwell in your hut / tent,
who is allowed on your holy mountain?
He who walks blamelessly and
does what is right and speaks the truth from his heart.

I have come to this great sacred hut
with my ancestors who pray
to once again be given the peace of the tombs

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