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Bilateral relations

The Church of Sweden has many bilateral relations with other churches. Through the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) it is in fellowship with all the other Lutheran member churches.

The Church of Sweden cooperates in many projects, in particular in aid and development, which are run by departments of the LWF. It also has active bilateral relations with a number of the member churches in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Ecumenical agreements

In addition, the Church of Sweden is in communion with a number of churches through special ecumenical agreements. Internationally, it has a concordat with The Independent Philippine Church (IFI) since 1995, and through the Porvoo Agreement of 1994 it is together with Lutheran Churches of Scandinavia and the Baltic in communion with the Anglican Churches of the British Isles.

Many dioceses and parishes have active links with dioceses and parishes in Porvoo. It also entered an agreement with The Evangelical Church of Germany (EKD) in 2003. At the moment dialogues are in progress with The Old Catholic Churches of the Utrecht Union and with The Episcopal Church in the USA.

Dialogues on important theological questions

At the national level the Church of Sweden and the Methodist Church in Sweden have an agreement on fellowship in word and sacrament, acknowledging each other’s ministries. A similar agreement with the Swedish Mission Covenant Church was signed in 2006.

A theological dialogue with the Baptist Union of Sweden in three rounds of talks was conducted 1998-2010. The Church of Sweden and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Stockholm have conducted a number of dialogues since the 1960’s on important theological questions.

Conversation days with Orthodox and Oriental churches

The latest result is the document Justification in the Life of the Church (2010), which was produced as a follow-up to the international Joint Declaration on Justification (1999 from the Vatican and LWF) by a group representing the afore-mentioned and in addition the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Helsinki. Each year for the past 20 years the Church of Sweden arranges days of conversation with the Orthodox and Oriental churches in Sweden.