Foto: Maria Lundström

"The Pope’s visit makes Lund a spiritual center"

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For the city of Lund and Mayor Lennart Prytz the upcoming papal visit is a great opportunity.

Lennart Prytz, elected Mayor of the city of Lund 2014-2018.

Politician at the local level since 1995. Previously City Commissioner. Lennart Prytz is a Lutheran christian since early youth and has a long standing engagement in leading positions in the Church of Sweden in Lund.

How is the city getting ready to receive the thousands of local guests and visitors from abroad?
- We are doing our best to receive visitors to the event. That the Pope is coming to Lund is a great opportunity for our city. As a service to them the prayer service will be shown on a screen in the central square that is just minutes away from the Cathedral.

- Thousands of people will be coming and it's a small city center therefore it's essential that everything is thought through and planned. We are busy handling matters of security, traffic, translation services and other activities in conjunction with the visit. There will be a press-center for the more than 500 journalists that are coming.

- Another arrangement we are involved in is a lunch with specially invited guests on October 31, hosted by the Municipality of Lund, Lund University, the Church of Sweden and the Catholic Church in Sweden.

What does it mean for you to have this historic occasion hosted by the city of Lund?
- The fact that the city of Lund is being recognized and connected with this event that advocates unity and cooperation is a source of pride. The Pope’s visit makes Lund a spiritual center. We are an international city with more than 150 nationalities. To us cooperating across borders is both part of everyday life and an important symbol. That the Lutheran World Federation was founded in Lund in 1947 goes to prove this city's relevance with regard to openness and cooperation.

What would you say are the unique characteristics of the city of Lund?

- My heart belongs to Lund, it's an exciting place with many dimensions. It's compact. In just fifteen minutes by bike you can reach the whole city and the Academy, culture and research facilities. It's one of Sweden's oldest city and at the same time the atmosphere is youthful since one third of the inhabitants are students. It's a city teeming with ideas, innovations and belief in the future.

Maria Lundström