This is the Diocese of Strängnäs

The Diocese of Strängnäs comprises of the two provinces Närke and Södermanland (except for eastern Södermanland, which belongs to Stockholm County and the Diocese of Stockholm).

The Diocese is divided into 9 deaneries, 9 unions of parishes (with a total of 27 parishes), 45 parishes and around 386 000 members.

The Rt Revd Dr Johan F Dalman is bishop of Strängnäs Diocese since September 2015.

The Diocese exercises oversight and supports

The basic task of the diocese is to further and exercise oversight of parish life. That task therefore applies particularly to the worship-life in the parishes and to their ministries of teaching, diaconal work and mission. The diocese also performs administrative tasks.

At the regional level the Church of Sweden appears as a diocese. The episcopal structure finds expression in the presence of a bishop as the leader of each diocese. The dioceses constitute pastoral areas, which together cover the entire country.

The work at the diocesan level is organized according to project-based principles and not divided according to more traditional departmental structures.


Foto: Magnus Aronson


The Rt Revd Dr Johan F Dalman is bishop of Strängnäs Diocese.