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Thematic Main Areas

Read more about the relation and integration of CBPS and specific thematic areas.

The thematic areas below are largely based on the sectors of the action sheets in the IASC MHPSS Guidelines. While the CBPS approach can contribute to the general effectiveness and quality of humanitarian or development projects, it can be integrated and combined with other thematic areas. The sections presented here provide some information and material on areas relevant to CBPS and give some guidance on how these can be related. Nevertheless, the thematic areas are not meant to be read through topic by topic, but instead, the purpose of these are for anyone to browse to a specific area of interest and relevance based on expertise or current project involvement, and thereby find out more about how CBPS could be contributing to that.  

The thematic areas included here are:

If you want to read more about CBPS on a basic or general level you can check the pages below

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CBPS Essentials

Basics of Community-Based Psychosocial Support - "What is CBPS?", "Why CBPS?", and "How to work with CBPS?".

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Key Guidelines

See which basic guidelines and standards CBPS is based on or related to and get quick access to these.