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For our partners

I have a complaint

We welcome complaints! Complaints improve the quality of our work. Without complaining there is no possibilities for us to improve. Receiving feedback is important to better the quality, prevent corruption and sexual harassment. Therefore, we welcome complaints.

Who can make a complain?

  1. You as a partner of Act Church of Sweden.
  2. You who participate in or is impacted by projects run by Act Church of Sweden.
  3. If you are a donor, volunteer or is involved or affected by Act Church of Sweden’s work.
  4. Finally, you can complain even if your work with Act Church of Sweden is limited and temporarily. For instance, if you are an: intern, consultant, observer, elected representative or an individual’s working for representing the organization. 

What complaints can be made?

  •  If a project that Act Church of Sweden performs itself or with a partner doesn’t live up to applicable standards principles and guidelines. 
  • If Act Church of Sweden doesn’t handle commitments or other types of agreements correctly. 
  • If you perceive lack of respect of the donor and/or the donors wishes when handling donations. 
  • If you as a partner or partners staff feel unsafe in any type of way for example sexual exploitation or abuse  
  • If you feel that we are in breach of our Code of Conduct 

How do I complain?

A complaint should ideally be submitted as soon as you are aware of the concern. If you wish to complain about a project that is run by the Act Church of Sweden, it should be submitted when the work is on-going, or within a year after the work has been done. For sensitive complaints, there is no limit, as the ACT church of Sweden will investigate all sensitive complaints as far as possible.

Can I make a complaint if I am under 18?

Yes you can. If you are under 18, your complaint will be managed by the Act Church of Sweden complaint focal point. 

Complaints should provide the following:

The “Complaints letter form” which states the exact information needed.
Here, you can download the “Complaints letter form” .

When you have filled out the details and the document is complete. There are numbers of ways to send your complaint to Act church of Sweden Complaint focal point:

  • You can send it by email: or
  • or by letter: Complaints focal points, International department, the Church of Sweden Central Office, SE-75170 Uppsala, Sweden; 
  • By phone call: +46 703 98 62 86 

What happens after I have handed in my complaint?

  1. Confidentiality
    Your complaint will be handled by a complaint handling committee. This committee will keep the information about your concern within the group.
  2. Accessibility
    We want to be accessible to you when you need us the most. 
  3. Transparency
    You are entitled to see what is going on with your complaint. Therefore, you can except to receive a confirmation regarding your complaint in several days. 
  4. Safety
    We will always make sure to protect personal information, referred to the complaints policy guideline.

Be a learning organisation

One of our commitments is to be a learning organisation and we belive you are too.

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