The Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability

Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability

CHS Alliance, Group URD and the Sphere Project, 2014.

The Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS) sets out Nine Commitments that organisations and individuals involved in humanitarian response can use to improve the quality and effectiveness of the assistance they provide. It also facilitates greater accountability to communities and people affected by crisis, i.e. knowing what humanitarian organisations have committed to will enable them to hold those organisations to account. The CHS places communities and people affected by crisis at the centre of humanitarian action. The CHS is the result of a global consultation process. It draws together key elements of existing humanitarian standards and commitments. Act Church of Sweden also adheres to the CHS and the Nine Commitments can be linked to the CBPS core principles (based on and alike to the IASC MHPSS core principles).

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CHS Guidance Notes and Indicators

The CHS Guidance Notes and Indicators supplement the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS). Aimed at all humanitarian actors and organisations involved in planning, managing or implementing a humanitarian response, this document provides clarification on the Key Actions and Organisational Responsibilities laid out in the CHS and examines some of the practical challenges that may arise when applying the Standard.

It explains why each of the Nine Commitments of the CHS is important and provides indicators and guiding questions to promote measurement of progress towards meeting the standard and drive continuous learning and improvement.

Investing in CHS and CBPS are complementary strategies aimed at raising the quality of programming and increase the effectiveness of your organisation in the long run. As many key elements of the standards raise similar issues, it is worthwhile integrating both for a more principled approach to humanitarian action.

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The CHS are also integrated in the SPHERE Standards where it is part as one of the standard's foundational chapters. So by working with a CBPS approach, adherence to the CHS, and thereby to the SPHERE Standards is strengthened. Read more about the SPHERE Standard by browsing to the next page below. 


Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response