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Act Church of Sweden

A short presentation of Act Church of Sweden.

Our starting point is to defend all people’s dignity and rights, regardless of their faith or origin. We all live under the same sky and should have the same rights.

The Church of Sweden is an Evangelical Lutheran religious community which is borne by the belief in a God who makes a stand for those who are oppressed or vulnerable. Diaconia is a key part of our identity.

Collaborating and cooperating with other churches and organisations is at the core of Act Church of Sweden´s international mission.  As a church, we are part of the worldwide community of churches.

By working with local organisations and churches, we are better able to contribute to long-term sustainable development in the contexts in which our partner organisations operate. We are convinced that religious actors have a great influence on work to bring about change around the world. 

Global consulation on Social Protection and Diakonia

In January 2017 Church of Sweden arranged a global, ecumenical consultation in Sigtuna. People from twenty countries gathered to discuss churches’ and faith based actors’ role and voice in the issue of social protection - and how they should relate this to the responsibility of States to fulfil everyone´s right to social protection.

Theme for the days: Social Protection in a Time of Rising Inequality – The role of Diakonia.

You can read the theological statement from the consultation here: Diakonia in the Time of Inequality – Sigtuna Statement on Theology, Tax and Social Protection. (pdf, 12 pages)

And watch our film: Social Protection – Churches called to action for Just Society (5:17min).

Our principal donors

Our efforts are largely financed by money raised in Sweden. Allocation from Church membership fees,  parish collections and fundraising activities, gifts and bequests from individuals fund much of the work carried out for a fairer, more just world.

Grants from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and the EU are important sources of funding.  

Any contributions to our work is gratefully accepted.  

Please send donations from outside Sweden through 

SWIFT/BIC: NDEASESS IBAN: SE32 9500 0099 6042 0900 1223.

Within Sweden please use:

Plusgiro: 90 01 22-3
Bankgironummer: 900-1223
Swish: 9001223