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For our partners

Quality and accountability

Act Church of Sweden strives for high quality in both the daily work and in our results. For human rights to be both protected, respected and met - states and other actors, including religious actors, need to be held politically and legally accountable for their actions. People’s ability to demand accountability is a necessary part of human rights-based work and a democratic society.

Empowerment and commitment 

We believe in people’s inherent ability and agency. People’s own perspectives, living conditions and long-term development come into focus though meaningful participation. We support increased autonomy and participation for groups and individuals who live in vulnerability. This also means that privileged groups and individuals need to share the power they have. 

Humanitarian Standards are our standards

When disasters strike solidarity pushes us to share our resources and expertise hoping that our contribution will be meaningful. The Core Humanitarian standards (CHS) places communities and people affected by crisis at the center of humanitarian action. Knowing what humanitarian organizations have committed to enables communities and people affected by crisis to hold these organizations to account. CHS is a set of Nine Commitments that we as an organizations and individuals involved in humanitarian response can use to improve the quality and accountability of the assistance we provide.

In our work, we want to acknowledge power differentials and ensure that you as a right holder are informed, know your rights, are treated with respect, and are empowered to make your own decisions and participate in the work that affects your life.  All our work follows the Core Humanitarian Standard, and our humanitarian work is certified against it, confirming that quality and accountability are reflected. We have made 10 specific commitments, valid for all our work, that include the 9 core commitments of the Core Humanitarian Standard. 

Our commitments for quality and accountability are:

  1. A human rights-based approach
  2. Integrating gender equality
  3. Promoting ecological sustainability 
  4. Equal and mutually accountable partnership
  5. Transparency and participation 
  6. Efficient, results-based, relevant, and appropriate response and to do no harm
  7. Handling complaints
  8. Be a learning organization
  9. Staff care and competency
  10. The Act Alliance’s code of conduct for Members and the current Swedish requirements under the Swedish

For more information about our work with the Core Humanitarian Standards we have created a course at fabo.org. Find it at CHS Fabo

What we promise

In order for you as a partner to feel reassured that we at ACT Church of Sweden are guided by a common set of values, we have established a Code of Conduct. This document therefore includes a declaration that our staff act in accordance with our values and rights. This is to ensure that no rights holder, our staff, or you as a partner are harmed by our activities. With that said, this document is available and developed for everyone who works with Act Church of Sweden in one way or another. Briefly speaking, the Code of Conduct shows what’s acceptable and not within the organization.

If you want to read more about our Code of Conduct, you can find it here

How do we work with child safeguarding?

Some people may think – but we don’t primarily work with children… So why do we need a child safeguarding policy? Although just some of our partners works directly with projects supporting children. Children are everywhere – including our communities and other areas where Act church of Sweden’s partner work. We must remember that protecting children is a responsibility for everyone. Organizations and professionals who work with children, directly or indirectly as well as those that work withing communities without children, need to ensure that their policies reflect this responsibility. Children may be less visible in a program that is not child-focused, but this factor can make it easier for an abuser to target them

I have a complaint

Act Church of Sweden is obliged to be fully accountable for its own staff and the manner in which work is performed.

I have a complaint

Act Church of Sweden is obliged to be fully accountable for its own staff and the manner in which work is performed.

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Our partners and memberships

Collaborating and cooperating with other churches and organisations is at the core of Church of Sweden’s international mission.