Fyra barn påväg till skolan. De går på en sönderskjuten väg.
Foto: Sean Furlonger
For our partners

Who we are

Act Church of Sweden is part of a worldwide community and is borne by the belief in a God who takes a stand for those who are marginalized or live in poverty, and where faith, life, burdens and experiences are shared.

We live under the same sky and have the same rights, but the reality looks different. Together, we fight for everyone’s right to a dignified life!

Erik Lysén International Director

Act Church of Sweden

Together with courageous people around the world, we act for change and challenge oppressive structures. We want to do for others as we wish they would do for us. Act church of Sweden - acts locally to have an impact globally.

The history of Act church of Sweden 

“Church of Sweden Mission “ was established in 1874 as part of the Church of Sweden. After the World War II, Europe was in desperate need. Consequently, 1947 “Lutherhjälpen” was founded. Both operations became in 2008 the “Church of Sweden International work, which in 2019 changed its name to “Act church of Sweden”. Today, Act church of Sweden works along with more than 300 partners globally and is fully integrated in the Church of Sweden. 

Faith as a driving force 

Faith gives us, and many of the individuals, sister churches and organizations we work with, inspiration, courage, and strength to take a stand for people under threat, who are silenced or lives in poverty. Being a church is a strength. As a church, we are deeply rooted in the society and are part of a global network with access to local actors at a grassroots level. This allows us to support civil society organizations and vulnerable people living in areas that are difficult to access. In some parts of the world religious institutions are the only trusted actors in the society. With that being said, the interplay between religion, humanitarian aid and advocacy work uniquely position us to act for change. 

Strategic plan for Act Church of Sweden

This document governs the work of Act Church of Sweden. The document describes the identity, mission, theory of change and strategic working methods for Act Church of Sweden. 

The document was approved by the Church Board on 16 
December 2021 to be valid from 1 January 2022.

Read the strategic plan.