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Get a general overview of the CBPS work Act Church of Sweden is doing, as well as of more specific types of support Act Church of Sweden provides to the ACT Alliance and its members.

Act Church of Sweden (Act CoS) is the international department of the Church of Sweden, working both with humanitarian aid and development on a global scale. Community-Based Psychosocial Support (CBPS) is one of Act CoS thematic main areas. If you want to find out more about Act CoS, its homepage provides comprehensive information.

CBPS within Act Church of Sweden

The main responsibility of the CBPS approach lies within the Unit for Humanitarian Response, which is one of many units and sections of Act CoS. However, it should be noted that while the CBPS approach is mainly developed in the Unit for Humanitarian Response, it is mainstreamed throughout other units and sections and these also work closely together on various projects where CBPS is integrated.

Commitments and geographical overview

The leaflet ”The Church of Sweden's International Work: Saving lives and defending human dignity” (2017) provides an overview of Act CoS’ overall goals, commitments and geographical areas of operations. You can find the document below. 

Act Church of Sweden provides CBPS related support to partner organisations in different ways. See what they are and find out more about these below.

In the following movie, Esther shares her story of fleeing from Congo and living in the Kakuma refugee camp. This is an example of CBPS support which was provided by Act Church of Sweden.  

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Rights-Based Approach

Read more about the two distinct approaches to providing help to those in need - The needs-based approach and the rights-based approach.