En färggrann och abstrakt målning föreställer Martin Luther.
Foto: Kristina Strand Larsson /Ikon

500 years of Reformation

Martin Luther started the Reformation 500 years ago. It changed both the church and society of his time, and still does to this day. But who was Martin Luther? What happened when he nailed his 95 theses?

The word Reformation is ambiguous. It means to reproduce something in its original form, and it means to reshape. Martin Luther returned to the sources in order to change the church, so that people could get better help in discovering grace: You are seen, loved and forgiven by God!

On the posters here you will find quotes and summaries of newly written texts on the Reformation. At svenskakyrkan.se you can read all the texts in their entirety in Swedish. There are more texts by theologians and writers on the Reformation. They write about how the Reformation changed both church and society. They also try to answer who Martin Luther was. What happened when he nailed his 95 theses?

Please read together with others and discuss how the Reformation and Martin Luther's ideas affect your life, what you believe and society.

The illustrations are by the priest and artist Kent Wisti.