Development cooperation

Church of Sweden aims to reduce poverty by strengthening people’s economic, social and cultural rights.

Our work is based on a rights-based approach and supports people’s struggles for the right to food, sustainable livelihood, security, education and health.

Church of Sweden aims to strengthen local civil society and, together with our partner organisations, contribute to the development of just, peaceful and democratic societies in which human rights are respected and defended.

People should have the opportunity to defend and assert their rights and their dignity themselves.

We do this through: 

  • rural development projects providing people with more opportunities to support themselves in a sustainable way,
  • sustainable use of natural resources and training in sustainable agriculture, forestry and water use,
  • support for conflict prevention, reconciliation and peace-building,     
  • support for democratic development and the protection of human rights,
  • HIV prevention measures and reducing the stigmatisation of people living with HIV and AIDS.