Foto: Henrik Viberg

Information for visitors

The Cathedral is open daily 8 am–6 pm with few exceptions. When services or concerts, accessibility may be restricted.

On the Swedish start page  you will find a calendar ”Det händer i domkyrkan”. Choose a date to see what's on in the Cathedral. When service or concert, accessibility may be restricted. For more specified information about events, call the Cathedral Shop +46 18 430 36 30 or email your question.

There is no entrance fee to the Cathedral but groups bringing their own guide to give a tour are to pay a 600 SEK guiding fee. This does not apply to school groups bringing their own guide. The fee is paid by card, cash or voucher in the Cathedral Shop, +4618-430 36 30. If the shop is closed payment or vouchers can be placed in the money box outside the shop.

Guide leaflets (English, Suomalainen, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano) are for sale 10 SEK in the stall outside the Cathedral Shop. During the shop's opening hours the leaflet is available in another six languages (Russian, Japanese, Arab, Polish, Estonian, Esperanto). 

Rest rooms are located in the Cathedral Café next to the Cathedral. Buses are permitted to park on the south side of the Cathedral. Please note the idling limit of 1 minute.