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Svenska kyrkan Stockholms stift Besöksadress: Klara Södra kyrkogata 1, 11152 Stockholm Postadress: Box 163 06, 10325 Stockholm Telefon:+46(8)50894000 E-post till Svenska kyrkan Stockholms stift

Jourhavande präst

Kyrkan kan hjälpa dig. Akut samtals- och krisstöd.

Confidential help

Confidential help and advice is offered by every Swedish priest to whoever desires it, irrespective of membership of the Church of Sweden.

Priests are trained in counselling, and can, when the person desires it, move the conversation into private confession, when the person confesses their sins before God with the priest as witness. More information

The priest then pronounces God's forgiveness for the sins confessed and the person knows a reconciliation with God and themselves.

Telephone help is available on a 24-hour basis with a duty priest. The state law prohibits the legal system from calling a priest as a witness in court. This means that under no circumstances can he or she be compelled to divulge that which has been said during a confession and the priest is bound by his or her ordination vows to observe this obligation.