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Songs - Children in Lui


In Lui, the most common language is Moru. Since there are hundreds of different languages in use in South Sudan, it has been decided that English will be the official language. In school English is used, except in the first grades, where Moru is spoken. All textbooks are in English.

African songs are somewhat different than ours. They are often quite short and are sung over and over again. Listen to the video-clips yourself, so that you catch the rhythm and recognise the repeated melody.

We suggest you use this order to get the children sing along:

CLAP YOUR HANDS. Start out by clapping your hands in regular 4-beat rhythm.
READ. Read the text in rhythm line by line and let the children repeat while clapping your hands.
Explain single words and practice pronunciation when needed.
SING. Sing line by line and let the children repeat while clapping their hands.

When the children are familiar with the song, it is time to watch the Lui children sing in the video-clip.

1. Moru hymn, from hymn 18 in the Moru hymnbook, in Moru
2. Children´s song, in Moru and English
3. A national hymn for children, English
4. Greeting song, preschool, English
5. Closing song, preschool, English
6. Yesu number one, English
7. Aroboya Yesu, Moru and English