Presentation of the families in the stories - Children in Lui

Presentation of the families in the stories

In South Sudan P means Primary school, grade 1-8. Children normally starts school at the age of 6, but the ages of the children in each grade can vary a lot. That is because some children have to repeat grades and some children have not started until after the usual age. The brackets ( ) after a name tell the meaning of the name, if we know.

The family
Father Lubani (God has created), 49 years old, used to work as a shoe maker, but is now a carpenter.
Mother Oboywa (midnight), 44 years old, has given birth to 7 children. (One son died young and should have been 20 years old now)
Disi (chief), 22 years old, lives in Juba.
Odrande (the name of a son born after a child who died), 18 years old.
Buywa (it was raining when she was born), 12 years old, in P6 in Lunjini school.
Taban (tired), 10 years old, in P4 in Lunjini school.
Bukala, 6 years old, in P1b (preparatory class) in Lunjini school.
Nami, 4 years old, in Cathedral Preschool, Lui

The family lives together with the father’s brother, Uncle John, his two children and the mother’s mother, Grandma Rachel.

Neighbour´s family
Father Darius, 35 years old, works as a housebuilder in Juba.
Mother Agnes, 33 years old, works as a midwife in Kediba.
Lillibeth, 12 years old, in P4, same class as Taban, has repeated grades.
Bennet, 9 years old, in P3.
Poni, 6 years old, in Cathedral Preschool, Lui.

The children of the neighbouring family live with their Aunt and Uncle; Uncle Isac, who 
is a pastor and a mechanic and Aunt Joy and their five children.  Aunt Joy has a booth at the market place where she works with her sewing machine.

Father Darius and Mother Agnes come home quite seldom, since their work is located far away.