We are children in Lui - study material

We are children in Lui is a net based material for children 3–12 years old about children in Lui, South Sudan.

On the following pages you find material you can use when you meet different groups of children. We are children in Lui is a material consisting of stories, facts, suggestions for conversations and activities, pictures and video-clips.

We hope you will enjoy this material!

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The introduction chapter will give you a short presentation of the 12 chapters of We are children in Lui.

Chapter 1 - The move

Taban, 10 years old says: My home country is South Sudan. That is where I live. When I was born I lived in Sudan, the country that now has been divided into two countries, South Sudan and Sudan.

Chapter 2 - At home

Nami, 4 years old says: Our home consists of several huts, we all them tukuls. We made the huts ourselves of clay and the roof is made of long straws.

Chapter 3 - The market

Taban, 10 years old says: Today is my favourite day. After school Bennet and I will hurry home, because then we are going shopping in the market.

Chapter 4 - The hospital

Bukala, 6 years old says: Last week I had to go to the hospital. I felt sick; I had a high temperature, headache and pain in my whole body. I didn't feel well at all, so it was hard to walk all the way to the hospital.

Chapter 5 - The preschool

Nami, 4 years old says: My sisters and brothers Buywa, Taban and Bukala have left for school now. I am helping my mum to wash the dishes after breakfast. Today I am very happy because I am going to the preschool and many of my friends will be there.

Chapter 6 - The school

Taban, 10 years old says: Very good! I just managed to finish writing my maths assignment in my notebook. Now I and my sisters Buywa and Bukala had better hurry up to the big mango tree where we are meeting our friends Lillibeth and Bennet so we can go to school together.

Chapter 7 - Sports

Bukala, 6 years old says: My big brother Odrande plays football in a team called the Mosquito Nest. They are playing a game today. They will meet a team called The Fishes. The boys in the team ‘The Fishes’ live down by the river.

Chapter 8 - Handicraft

Nami, 4 years old says: Every morning I go to the preschool together with my friend Poni. She is 6 years old and she always knows when it is time to leave from home. I always feel very happy when she comes to pick me up.

Chapter 9 - Nature

Bukala, 6 years old says: Today I, my brother Taban and his friend Lillibeth are going to pick grass. It may sound strange that we are going to pick grass, but we make bundles of it and bring them to school.

Chapter 10 - Climate

Taban, 10 years old says: One day I got the opportunity to travel to Juba with my dad Lubani. We were going to a photographer. Dad needed photos for a new passport, because he may be going to Khartoum to visit his friends there.

Chapter 11 - The church

Bukala, 6 years old says: I open my eyes after having slept well all night. Mmm, there is a special smell. Mum is ironing our Sunday clothes. We are going to church today.

Chapter 12 - The Party

Taban, 10 years old says: A year ago my relatives had a big party. It was my grandad who wanted to see all his children and grandchildren. He wanted us, all the cousins to meet, so that we got to know each other.