Chapter 7 - Sports

Bukala, 6 years old says: My big brother Odrande plays football in a team called the Mosquito Nest. They are playing a game today. They will meet a team called The Fishes. The boys in the team ‘The Fishes’ live down by the river.

Those who live by the river are taught how to swim. It would have been fun to know how to swim, but I don´t know if I would dare. In the river there are crocodiles, and some people say there are hippopotamuses as well!

I am not very interested in football, but Lillibeth likes it a lot. She would like to play in a team, but there are no teams for girls. Lillibeth plays with the boys when they practice and she is very good. But when they play at school she cannot join in, then only boys play. I like volleyball better. At school we also practice athletics - running and long jump.

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