Chapter 12 - The Party

Taban, 10 years old says: A year ago my relatives had a big party. It was my grandad who wanted to see all his children and grandchildren. He wanted us, all the cousins to meet, so that we got to know each other.

He thinks that is important because, if you get into trouble and need to ask for help, it is good to be able to ask your relatives. That is why he invited us all to a party.

My grandfather has had two wives and he has all together 12 children. Among our relatives it is common to have many children and in each
family there are between 5 and 10 children. That means I have many cousins. Since there has been war in the country and many of us have lived in Khartoum in Sudan for many years, we have not seen our grandad, who stayed in Lakamadi in South Sudan.

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