Chapter 1 - The move

Taban, 10 years old says: My home country is South Sudan. That is where I live. When I was born I lived in Sudan, the country that now has been divided into two countries, South Sudan and Sudan.

My family and I had to move, because my relatives are from South Sudan. So we had to travel to the new country, which actually is our old country. Sounds confusing, doesn´t it?

It is like this: When my parents were young, they left Lui because there was a war going on here. They moved to the capital of Sudan, Khartoum. There was no war and many others had already fled from Lui.

In Khartoum it was quite difficult to live. Even if there were roads, electricity, food and many other things, much of that was not available for us. Since we were not Sudanese from Khartoum we were not counted as full citizens. We lived in a refugee camp outside of Khartoum close to the desert.

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