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Background - Children in Lui

The diocese of Lund in Sweden has had a partner relation with the diocese of Lui in South Sudan since nearly 20 years. There is a network of partner parishes in the diocese of Lund and among them a teaching material for children was requested. Five teachers volunteered to take the responsibility for it. In November 2013 a study visit was conducted to gather the facts for this material. The group consisted of Elsa Foisack, Eva Andersson, Fia Steimer, Kent Karlsson and Madeleine Anderberg. Together they have experience from preschool, elementary school, work in parishes, teacher education and adult education.

The translation into English is made by Elsa Foisack with support of Jeannie Stevens, Anne Powell, and Blackmore Vale Deanery, Salisbury Diocese, England.

We want to address our warm thanks to everyone who has made it possible to fulfil this work. A special thank to bishop Stephen Dokolo and his wife Lilian, Marcel Salinder, information officer, Marie Körner, diocesan curate for international affairs, Karin Sundmark, diocesan curate and Tipei Marazanye, musician.

Thank you for the economic support from the Lund Mission Society and The Church of Sweden’s International work.