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Utställningar i Svenska kyrkans café

Caféet i Ulrika Eleonora i London fungerar också som ett utställningsrum. Här blandas fotografier med olje- och akvarellmålningar, illustrationer och neonverk. Det gemensamma i utställningarna är svenskheten. Inte alltid svenska konstnärer, men personer med anknytning till Sverige, och oftast bosatta i Storbritannien.

Artist talk och vernissage
Ofta intervjuas konstnärerna till tidningen Kyrkobladet och många gånger bjuds det in till såväl vernissage som föredrag. Vi vill att konsten ska bli integrerad i församlingens verksamhet och samtidigt erbjuda caféets gäster njutning.

Tidigare utställningar
Längta hem - Karina Micallef Haake & Caroline AreskogJones

Karina Micallef Haake - Längta hem

My mother's story is also a part of my autobiography.
'The lives of a mother and daughter are inextricably linked and intertwined.’
Caroline Brettell, Blurred Genres, Blended Voices (1977).

My mother, Harriet Micallef, was born in Stockholm in 1927 and would spend her vacations in Småland each Summer. She met my Maltese father in Switzerland, when they were both recovering from TB. They eventually moved to London where I was born and brought up. Caroline and I met at Svenska kyrkan at Swedish lessons, and our mothers became firm friends and colleagues. I then continued my education at the Swedish School - then in Harcourt St, visiting Sweden and Malta during the long summers. After some years of bringing up my sons in Wales, I returned to London and to the church with my now elderly Mamma on many happy occasions. It did indeed feel like a homecoming for us both. 

In the intervening years, I started to film my mother as part of my M Phil studies at the University of Glamorgan, and in my work as a researcher at Butetown History & Art Centre, on Mothers and Daughters in Multi-Ethic Wales. My focus was on auto-ethnography, the mirroring of the mother/daughter relationship, and memory and truth. I now treasure the hours I spent interviewing and filming her, keeping a diary, and traveling back to Stockholm and Switzerland to understand more about her life. More recently, I have been exploring other elements of her life story in collage and textiles.

'To call up the past in the form of an image, we must be able to withdraw ourselves from the action of the moment, we must have the will to dream... But... the past is fugitive, ever on the point of escaping...'
Henri Bergson, Matter and Memory (1896)

LÄNGTA HEM Caroline AreskogJones
‘Memory and imagination constantly interact, and we expect them to be trustworthy. However, unlike our imagination, which is permitted to dream, memories are often falsified or embellished. 

Where is Home/hem?
Is it geographically defined by specific place?
A state of mind?
Does it come from family or the mother tongue?’

Personal Background :
I have grown up between two worlds, that of Sweden and of London.
My Swedish mother, having married an English man, came to London and so my brother and I spent many Saturdays at Svenska Krykan learning Swedish and happily making friends. This is where I met Karina and Ingrid met Harriet. We danced around the Christmas Tree and participated in Lucia.

With annual happy Summer visits to Öland to stay with family, my parents then divorced and part of the process meant we lost touch with our regular visits home. As a teenager however Mamma returned to live and work in Stockholm, where she remained until leaving this world in 2012. I visited regularly at least twice a year and so Sweden is a very important  place for me, despite a frustration in not speaking fluent Swedish.

This exhibition presents an opportunity to weave together two stories after so many years.

Exhibition : Presenting a series of drawings and prints in the café gallery along with a book entitled ‘Längta Hem’ which is a collection of imaginings evolved over some time.  The book will be available to order and a copy shall be left for the Reading Room at Svenska Krykan as thanks for this opportunity.

Screening : An opportunity to hear a short presentation about the body of work and watch a series of short film pieces constructed with this theme in mind exploring the merging of histories both real and imagined.

Professional Background : Having studied at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design for BA Hons Fine Art, then raising two lovely boys, I now am returning to develop my practice at the Royal College of Art, London studying towards MA Print.

Ola Åkeborn. Du är fantastisk! 

A poet, painter, author, music maker, radio and television broadcaster and a volunteer director ath The Nordic Church in Liverbpool. A painter of the wild, northern landscapes, Sylvia's recent solo exhibitions include the Gallery Ofeigur in Reykajavik, The Grosvenor Museum Chester, The Williamson Art Gallery,  Wirral, The Liverpool Nordic Church and The Castle Park Arts Centre, Cheshire.

Painting, writing, poetry are ways in which I respond to the world around me. Listen, look, feel. Natur is at the heart of our crative thoughts. When I stare out to sea from our cold coastline, I hear the distant coices of our Viking ancestors, see those wild expanses of ice, fire, mountain, sea and a sky full of dancing Northern Lights.

Hanna Eidenert - through your eyes
Ursprungligen från Stockholm, i dag bosatt i Brighton. Waldorfskola fick Hanna att bli kreativ från tidig ålder, i dag är det främst måleri som gäller men drömmen är ändå en framtid som florist. Havet, baletten och blomsterriket är Hannas främsta inspirationskällor. En ettårig konstutbildning i Stockholm fick henne att välja olja och akvarell framför akryl. Men hon målar hellre själv än i närvaro av andra.

"Jag gick och såg Svansjön med mamma när jag var liten, den har inspirerat mig att måla många ballerinor."

Svenska landskap, fotografier av Christer Frånlund

Har du förslag på någon som skulle platsa att ställa ut i kyrkans café, kontakta Mona Davidsson.

Du är fantastisk! Ola Åkeborn. 7 mars - 3 juni 2018
Bild: Anders Rune