Confirmation in Huddinge

Fourteen years old and on the way out into life. Curiosity mingled with anxiety. Ahead is a time to test boundaries, spread your wings, explore the world and make commitments. There are so many roads, so many choices and possibilities. 

Confirmation in Church of Sweden takes place during a transition period in young people’s lives, characterised by a search for identity, building relationships and taking steps into adult life. During this process, the teenager will benefit from support from adults outside the family. In this sense, confirmation is regarded as a diaconal ministry for teenagers. One important criterion is that it must be meaningful to the confirmands and that their life issues need to be the starting point for learning and teaching in the preparation for confirmation. 

You can read more about confirmation in the Church of Sweden here. (PDF)

All our options are free

Church of Sweden in Huddinge’s confirmation programme consists of a variety of options. All the options (including travel) are free of charge for the participants. 

Open house event 

Welcome to Klockargården August 31st, where we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about confirmation in Church of Sweden. You’ll get to meet our youth leaders as well as vicars/ministers and other parish employees who are responsible for the confirmation programme. 

Many of our confirmation programme options are very popular. Visitors can sign up for their preferred option at the Open house event, the day before our online sign up opens. 

  • When? 31 August 2022, drop in between 16:00-20:00
  • Where? Klockargården, Kommunalvägen 29 Huddinge

Our confirmation programme options

Sign up for any of our options below (only in Swedish)

  • Sailing camp
  • Archipelago camp
  • Huddinge group
  • Mountain camp
  • Trip to Assisi (two options; Easter or summer)
  • Trip to Paris and Berlin