Welcome to Uppsala Cathedral

Services, concerts, guided tours, cultural events – the Cathedral is open for visitors daily 8 am-6 pm.

Uppsala domkyrka i vinterskrud, sedd från Gamla torget i Uppsala.

Information for visitors

The Cathedral is open daily 8 am–6 pm with few exceptions. When services or concerts, accessibility may be restricted.


Uppsala Cathedral was built 750 years ago, around 1270. St Erik’s reliquary, the cathedral’s major artefact, was moved here from the former cathedral in Old Uppsala as early as 1273.


Sweden became an ecclesiastical province in its own right and with its own archbishop 850 years ago.

Kronor i Skattkammaren

The Treasury

The Treasury, or Skattkammaren museum, is situated in the cathedral’s north tower and is home to to one of Europe’s finest collections of medieval church fabrics.

Services and concerts

The Cathedral’s main service takes place on Sundays and holidays at 11.00. Mass is generally held every day except Saturday.

Guided tours in English

In autumn, winter and spring there is one open English tour of the Cathedral every month; in summer there are daily tours. Groups are welcome to book a tour.

Glasänglar 40/50:-

The Cathedral Shop

The Cathedral Shop is also the Cathedral’s information desk. Please come to us with your questions. Welcome!

The Cathedral Café

The 18th century building to the left of the cathedral’s main entrance is home to the Cathedral Café. Visitors’ rest rooms are also to be found here.

Come and find a sanctuary from the storms of life, warmth and rest and a place for faith and growth.

Annica Anderbrant, Dean of the Cathedral

It’s often windy out on the square but inside the cathedral gives you sanctuary from the storms of life, warmth and rest and is a place for people’s faith and life to grow.

We who live in the 21st century are grateful to those who built our cathedral, stonemasons and other craftsmen.

Two stonemasons were once asked a question: What are you doing?
The first said: I’m cutting stone. The other one said: I’m building a cathedral.

Two completely different views of stone, churches and life. Services, concerts, guided tours, conversations, the candles that are lit in the candelabrum – everything that happens here is done to show a context greater than ourselves. We are all stones in God’s great design for a better world. Welcome in to find inspiration to go out and build where you live.

 Annica Anderbrant, Dean of the Cathedral


Uppsala domkyrka
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Uppsala Cathedral Parish
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