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University Chaplaincy

We are open to all students and all staff at the University regardless of beliefs or philosophy.

The University chaplaincy aim to create spaces and venues where you get the opportunity to meet other people and share experiences of life and faith. We are there for everyone, students and staff, regardless of belief, sexual orientation and gender identity or ethnicity. 

The Chaplaincy/Kyrkan på Campus is located in the Natural Science ­building, second floor from the entrance. You are so welcome! 

Every Thursday at 14-15.30 you can pop by if you want to meet us and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. You can also send us an email and we'll book an appointment.


Meditation sessions at Campus

Tuesdays 12.15-13, 16th of January to 28th of May. Natural science building, University chaplaincy.

Want to know more about meditation? Sign up for an introduction and try-out.


At times you might want to talk to someone. As chaplains we have several years of experience speaking with and counselling others. You are welcome to discuss any topic, regardless of your philosophy of life or religious beliefs.
We offer counselling both for students and staff. Of course we are bound by professional secrecy, and all conversations are free of charge. ­Welcome to call or e-mail us to book. 


Every Wednesday at 18.30 we also offer an easy-to-follow mass with words, music and silence inspired the community in Taizé.

Retreat för studenter - retreat for students

3-5 maj i Tavelsjö. Under en retreat drar vi oss tillbaka från vardagslivets angelägenheter och relationer för att vila och vara i tystnad tillsammans med andra. We welcome you to spend a weekend together in silence and stillness by the lake of Tavelsjö, 3rd-5th of May.

Christian group for international students

We are happy to share some information about a christian group of international students from Umea University and SLU that you are welcome to join.

We meet every Sunday 7pm at Ålidhemskyrkan to discuss biblical topics and have a good time together. We share our thoughts and experiences as Christians but also to help each other in our daily lives in Umeå. Sometimes we plan different activities together. Everyone who is a Christian or who is just interested to come around, is very welcome to join us. We don’t belong to a specific church or denomination and experience the diversity in our group as a huge blessing.

You are welcome to join us or send a messageto Marcus Cheuk Hei Tong or Koffi Dodji Noumonvi who are part of the group. 



Multi-faith space 

The Multi-faith space is a bookable room on Campus Umeå, which can meet the need for prayer, meditation and service. The room is open to both students and employees regardless of faith or beliefs.

You can book the Multi-faith space for spiritual or religious activities, but you can also use the room for individual religious practice.

The Multi-faith space can be found in the Natural Sciences Building on level 3. Use our digital map service to find the space.

For booking the room and to see when common prayer is offered, please use the link below. 

Serenity Room

The Serenity Room is a non-bookable room on Campus Umeå, which can meet the need for stillness, quietness and spirituality. The room is open to both students and employees at the university regardless of faith or beliefs.

The room can be found in the University Library on level 3. 

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