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Svenska kyrkan i Umeå Besöksadress: Östra Esplanaden 9, 90330 Umeå Postadress: BOX 525, 90110 UMEÅ Telefon: +46(90)2002500 E-post till Svenska kyrkan i Umeå

Jourhavande präst

Kyrkan kan hjälpa dig. Akut samtals- och krisstöd.

University Chaplaincy

We are open to all students and all staff at the University regardless of beliefs or philosophy. Welcome to visit us in "Naturvetarhuset".

The university chaplaincy aim to create spaces and venues where you get the opportunity to meet other people and share experiences of life and faith. We are there for everyone, regardless of belief, sexual orientation and gender identity or ethnicity. Kyrkan på Campus is located in the Natural Science ­building, second floor from the entrance.

Welcome to contact or visit us at the chaplaincy!


At times you might want to talk to someone. As chaplains we have several years of experience speaking with and counselling others. You are welcome to discuss any topic, regardless of your philosophy of life or religious beliefs.
We offer counselling both for students and personnel. Of course we are bound by professional secrecy, and all conversations are free of charge. ­Welcome to call or e-mail us to book.


The Sunday service at 11 am in Ålidhemskyrkan is always interpreted to ­English. Just ask for headphones at the back of the church.

A couple of services are also led by the University Chaplains and have the ­Ålidhem International Church Choir singing. The dates are: 
Evening mass Wednesday 24 October and 12 December at 6.30 pm 
Sunday service 11 November at 11 am.

Umeå Pride

Saturday 29 September
Welcome to join us at the Umeå Pride Festival! We meet up outside the big entrence of Umeå stadskyrka at 12 pm. Then we walk together to be a part
of the big parade starting at 12.30 pm. There will be rainbow balloons for everyone!


Tuesdays at 12.15–1 pm
No previous knowledge of meditation is necessary. Welcome to ­participate in the gift of silence and stillness.

Learn more about meditation >

Ålidhem International Church Choir

6.30–8 pm, University Chaplaincy. Starts Thursday 13 September
Miss your choir back home? Want to learn more about Swedish choral music? Want to practice your Swedish? Want to get to know people with different nationalities? Join our choir! The rehearsals are held in English. The choir sings all kind of choral music, mostly in Swedish, but also in English and other languages. All rehearsals (except 13 September) are held at Ålidhemskyrkan.
Contact: David Bergius, musician in Ålidhemskyrkan: David Bergius +46 90-200 27 19

share and care

Every Friday at 3–4.30 pm, University Chaplaincy. Starts Friday 15 September
Come and share how your week turned out. We drink tea, listen to what everyone has to say and support each other. We also share good ideas how to spend the weekend. What says in the group, stays in the group.
Contact/signing up: Åsa Bergius

Susanne Dahl

Susanne Dahl

Svenska kyrkan i Umeå

Kyrkan på Campus, Studentpräst

Direkt: 090-200 27 52

Åsa  Bergius

Åsa Bergius

Svenska kyrkan i Umeå

Kyrkan på Campus, Pedagog

Direkt: 090-200 27 56