Information in English

Hospital Chaplaincy

The office of the Hospital Chaplaincy is on the ground floor between target point A and B. Patients as well as relatives are welcome to contact us.

There is a meditation room available close to office of the Hospital Chaplaincy.

The Hospital Chaplaincy

  • offers support, individual visits and pastoral care
  • organizes regular Christian services in Swedish in the meditation room between target point A and B.
  • offers individual prayers/Holy Communion.
  • performs christenings in crisis situation.
  • organizes contact with local churches and representatives from different religions.

For us, the children are a priority. Research shows how important it is for children and teenagers to have the opportunity to participate during difficult times.

Hospital Chaplaincy consists of clergy, pastor, and deacons.
Contact us through the hospital switchboard, 010-435 00 00 or by nursing staff.