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The congregation's main objective is, in dialogue with our parishioners, to interpret the christian message of love and keep it alive.

Children born in the 80:ies and 90:ies are in large groups. These youngsters live very active lives and are quite mobile. This fact influences our work among young people. During the years to come, the number of elderly in the parish will increase. About 80% of the population in Sura community are members of the church.

Surahammar Town Council is the largest employer. The main industries are related to the steel branch owned by foreign companies. There are also several companies dealing with service and trading. Despite the fact that Surahammar is rather dependent on large employers there are a lot of small enterprises and many of the working parishioners commute daily to work, mainly to Västerås, 20 km from Surahammar.
Sura-Ramnäs congregation cooperates with those who that work with people from "cradle to grave", for example, children's care centres, kindergartens, schools and social institutions. We want to create new arenas where people can meet. It's important that the congregation is active in people's everyday life. To be able to support our parishioners we must be observant of change, both negative and positive, in the social structure. The number of elderly people in the parish is increasing and this could mean that several of them risk living a life in isolation. Therefore we need to work in order to increase the number of volunteers that can visit lonely people in our community.

 The parish centre

In Surahammar there are many social and cultural activities, such as horseriding, ice hockey, football, swimming, skiing and golf. The landscape around the community gives many opportunities for recreation.
Through our church proceedings (baptising, wedding- and funeral services) we meet more people than we do through our church services. Every sunday and other church holidays we celebrate divine service in the church or in the congregation centre, Källmoragården. Sura parish is a meeting place where the fundamental principle is: participation, presence, openness and respect for human values.
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