As human beings we live in relation to others. Jesus summarized this in the double commandment of love, the focal point of good communal life: to have a good relationship with God, our fellow humans and ourselves. This is the core of good worship. Good worship must be based on the same solid ground as is a good life.

The service itself must be human. This is another definition of the core of good worship. In the same way as we are humans in normal, day-to-day life, we must also be allowed to be so in the church service. What gives us pleasure and joy in life must also be allowed to do so in worship, and the painful and difficult must also be given space.

When I take off my coat in the cloakroom I need not shed my human nature as well. In good worship I am allowed to be what I am, with all my faults. Relations might be bad or broken, and as human beings we take part in worship with our experiences, both of fullness and of malfunction.
Within the Stockholm Diocese there are many different kinds of worship, on Sundays as well as weekdays. They are tuned in different ways and allow for partaking and sharing, or rest. If you wish to find the kind of worship that you think will suit you best, click on the links below.

Take the opportunity to visit the church you think you may want to join, and find out what is on offer there. There is the possibility to meet people, to meet God and to meet yourself.

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