The Churches

There are about 200 churches in the Diocese of Stockholm, the oldest of them built in early medieval time and the youngest in 2005. Together, they bear witness through the centuries of different ideals in the Christian history, in and around Stockholm.

The churches are consecrated as places of worship and devotion, as rooms for service and preaching. Many people also like to visit a church on other occasions, to sit down for a while in stillness, to light a candle, to look at paintings and murals and at the interior design. The peaceful atmosphere is soothing for the soul.

The church buildings are tokens of what is sacred and of the Christian faith in our society. There are many reasons for the parishes to safeguard and look after their churches. Each member of the ChurchofSweden makes his or her contribution through the church fee they pay.

The book Kyrkguiden — a guide to the churches in the Diocese of Stockholm. The latest version was first published in 2007. You can order it by phoning 08-508 940 00. The price is SEK 100:-. Included in the price is also a map of the diocese, with all the churches marked out. The map is free of charge and can be ordered separately. Please, see above for details.
In the calendar there are pictures and a brief description of each church, address and directions for how to get there. Disability access is also indicated. You will also find the current programme here.

See calendar for services, music events etc.