Policy statement

The Diocese of Stockholm – its Bishop, Cathedral Chapter, Property Board, Diocesan Board, and Diocesan Council – shall uphold and foster the faith, creed and teachings of the Church, maintain a Christian approach to man and the Creation, and support the work of the parishes in worship, teaching, deaconry work and mission.


• The Diocese of Stockholm is part of the Church universal and joins in the Christian creed and praise of the triune God 

• The Church of Sweden is an evangelical Lutheran church represented by parishes and dioceses


• The Diocese of Stockholm is part of the Church of Sweden. Its mission is to support, encourage and supervise parish life, upholding and fostering faith, creed and teachings
• The diocese shall support and encourage the parishes according to their individual circumstances. Exchange of experiences and co-operation between different parishes shall be encouraged
• Conscious of the sacredness and fragility of the created Universe, the Diocese of Stockholm shall maintain care for the environment by managing land, forests, and assets entrusted to them


• Co-operation
• Sharing of views
• Encouragement