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The Diocese of Stockholm is the youngest of the 13 dioceses of the Church of Sweden.

The Diocese of Stockholm was founded on March 11, 1942, and on October 29 the same year its first bishop, Manfred Björkquist, was consecrated. Its area is slightly smaller than the county of Stockholm, reaching from Össeby in the north to Botkyrka in the south and Adelsö-Munsö in the west. Populationwise, it is Sweden´s largest diocese.

The mission of the diocese is to support and encourage the activities of the parishes in various ways, to manage the diocesan assets (the so-called historic resources) and to ascertain that the Gospel is faithfully proclaimed.
The diocese is headed by the Bishop and the Diocesan Board. As supervisor, the Bishop is assisted by the Cathedral Chapter. The diocesan assets are managed by the Property Board.
The diocese of Stockholm is multifaceted in terms of cultural background, religious belief, class system, form of social life, cultural events on offer etc.
The diocesan offices, visiting address: Klara Södra kyrkogata 1
Postal address: Box 16306, 103 25 Stockholm