En man och två pojkar på väg till Klagomuren.
Foto: Magnus Aronson /Ikon

Tailored Courses and Visits

A visit to Jerusalem is a significant investment in terms of time and money. We are committed to responsible travels, and seek to make every visit worth the investment.

Want to come but feel unsure where to start? The Swedish Theological Institute has extensive experience arranging study visits, excursions, and meetings. 

After more than 70 years of work in Jerusalem we are part of the local community, and can provide courses tailored to the unique interests and requirements of your group. Together we build on your questions and our experience to suggest exciting lecturers and visits based on your preferences.

In all our courses we encourage meetings with the 'living stones' of Jerusalem, interreligious learning and dialouge across borders. 

While you are here, we handle logistics, transportation, and financial transactions locally. We also take responsibility for security assessments and measures. You can concentrate on your group while we take care of the details.

We're here to assist with trip preparations, including book recommendations and pre-departure video calls.

Program Features Suggestions

  • Explore Christian, Jewish, and Muslim holy sites.
  • Visit synagogues, mosques, and churches from different traditions.
  • Attend lectures and discussions covering topics like the historical, cultural, and theological foundations of Christianity, religious theology, interfaith dialogues, and the role of religions in peace and conflict.
  • Enjoy a day or two-day excursions to Bethlehem, Galilee, Qumran, Masada, and the Jordan River.
  • Experience devotional practices and worship ceremonies.
En blomma på ett nattygsbord.

Practical Information

The Swedish Theological Institute provides full board, Wi-Fi, a lecture room accommodating up to 35 people, and beautiful spaces for conversation, study, and relaxation. Find out all the information you need for your stay with us.

Booking Requests

We are here to help you create a unique and memorable journey. Please fill out the form below or contact our director to discuss your specific wishes and requirements. Write to: anna.hjalm@svenskakyrkan.se