Varnhems klosterkyrka
Foto: Marina Larsson

Varnhem Abbey

The Varnhem Abbey complex consists of the church, monastery ruins, abbey museum and herb garden. After your visit we recommend coffee and home-made cakes or a bowl of soup at the café just across from the church.

Varnhem Abbey Church
Take a walk under the ancient arches where the monks’ services and singing incited to prayer and contemplation over life’s important questions.

Abbot Henry and his monks came to Varnhem in 1150.
The site beside Billingen Hills was ideal for an Abbey. Varnhem was for a considerable period an important centre politically, culturally and economically, helping to spread knowledge and new ideas throughout the emerging Swedish kingdom.

The Abbey church is the final resting-place of the founder of Stockholm, Birger Jarl and four medieval Swedish kings. During the 17th century the church was restored by Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie who also had a burial chapel and memorial hall built for himself and his family.

Knowledgeable guides welcome visitors during the tourist season from May to August.
The summer concerts are famous over a wide area and attract a large audience.

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Opening-times for the 2019 season
March 23-September 30 open daily 10am – 5pm
(closed Midsummer evening June 21)
October 1-October 31 open Saturday and Sunday 10am – 5pm
Free entrance

Entry fee to the Abbey complex for groups:
Visits of groups must be booked.
1-19 participans 500 Sek
20-29 participants 1.000 Sek
30-39 participants 1.500 Sek
over 40 participants 2.000 Sek 
Opening fee outside normal opening hours + 500 Sek.
The fee includes access to the whole abbey complex and parking.
Telephone, Abbey 0511-265 34
Telephone, Skara pastorat 0511-265 00
For services and concerts see our calendar.

Varnhem Abbey is an active parish church with services and ceremonies which may at times restrict access to the church for tourists.

Welcome to Varnhem Abbey!