The Sixth Sense - a summary

Since the dawn of time man has expressed himself artistically – painted on cave walls, carved on rocks and modelled in clay and wood. To commemorate life – and death – works of art speak to us across the millennia. The same applies to churches.

Artists have been asked to illustrate choices and opportunities, to bring us peace and quiet, to let us see beyond the words and the facts. Art gives us new insights into existential questions, maybe even giddying perspectives that faith can bring. The Sixth Sense was created to give contemporary artists room to show us a dimension over and above what our other senses tell us.

From the start in 2007 with 30 artists and 28 parishes, the exhibitions have been deeply rooted in the churches throughout the diocese. The Sixth Sense returned in 2010 and 2013 in a new format – several art galleries in a day. Visitors had the chance to see works of art against the background of churches of different architectural design.

The Sixth Sense 2019confirms the will of the Diocese to maintain the high ambitions of presenting contemporary art in today’s churches.

Karin Perers

Download The 2019 catalog för the exhibition in PDF format.