The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense shows art from our time, in churches from different centuries. For as long as people have been Christians they have engaged artists to interpret the important questions of life.

The Sixth Sense gives our contemporary artists space in churches. Their works address us, who enter the church – and at the same time they communicate with architectural values and historical art.

This summer you meet contemporary art in six churches in Dalarna: Art that evokes thoughts about life’s hardship and striving. Poetry, dance, music and pictorial art can all contribute to the confirmation of what it implies to be a human being and handle ordeals and possibilities. The Church of Sweden has engaged artists who are active now and consequently take part in the turbulent existence of our time.

The Sixth Sense is arranged by the Church of Sweden in the diocese of Västerås, in cooperation with host parishes and the Region of Dalarna.

Download The 2022 catalog för the exhibition in PDF format.