Foto: Kristina Strand Larsson/IKON

Donate to Church of Sweden

Please consider a donation in support of all the work we do in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

What does Church of Sweden do in the Bay Area? 
At the core of our mission is the worship, which we celebrate on the first Sunday of the month. But so much more goes on in the congregation on a daily basis: You can baptize your child, celebrate our Swedish traditions, talk to the pastor, join the choir and get married. When a loved one dies, friends and family gather for a memorial service. If you are alone, fall ill, or end up in jail, the church can come to visit. Children get together for children's group and take part in the Lucia celebration. Maybe you’re simply feeling a bit homesick and would love to chat in Swedish over a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun. It’s all good, you’re always welcome. It’s just like home, only abroad.

Where does funding come from, and where does it go? 
Our congregation does not receive any funding from the Swedish government. Church of Sweden Abroad (SKUT) contributes by paying rent and salaries for the pastor, but everything else must be paid for by the local congregation. This includes salaries for local employees, rent for the pastor’s residence, cars, diaconal work, music activities, insurances, magazine, office supplies (including computers and phones) and much more. Only with a strong membership base and generous donations can we carry out our work, to the benefit and enjoyment of all Swedes in the Bay Area.

You can donate to us by writing a check to "Church of Sweden San Francisco" and sending it to:

Church of Sweden San Francisco

2454 Hyde St

San Francisco, CA 94109

You can also donate by following this link and sending money through Paypal.