Art Exhibit "In Between".

Marcia Ribeiro is a Brazilian artist whose paintings and silkscreen work are at the "In Between" exhibit in New York. Art opening Friday 18th October at 6.30pm-10pm.

The art exhibit is open from 18th of October until 17th of November.

The artist was born in São Paulo and received her degree in Visual Arts from the city’s Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP). She did her post-graduate work at the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the Rio de Janeiro Visual Arts School (UERJ/EAV). 

Ms. Ribeiro has participated in various collective exhibits in Brazil. In 2019, she had her first solo exhibit in São Paulo's Casa da Luz, and her next solo show will take place in New York.

As noted by Fabio Morais, a well known Brazilian artist, "Marcia's pictorial practice begins as Earth - matter, canvas, paint, surfaces, layers, reliefs, eruptions, geology, scraping, excavations, wear, and archeology - and becomes Cosmos - light, explosion, color, and cosmology." Moraes also notes that "The artist builds a historical past by overlaying coats of paint and then scraping and excavating them layer upon layer as if in an archaeological dig, to reveal the physical memory of the painting itself like one does when dating soil. The technique highlights pictorial layers, accentuates the relief of the canvas, and releases eruptions of light and color that result in a visual vocabulary of cosmic movements and explosions. The geological construction and the archaeological action that follow paradoxically reveal a cosmos."

Even if seen as representation, it would be reductionist to limit Marcia Ribeiro’s paintings to visual aspects alone. Her work is the result of actions that are indicial and impasto on canvas as a field of work. The artist does not paint landscapes but instead overlaps layers of paint that make up a pictorial relief landscape that is later eroded to release color and light. It is as if the forces that move the Universe’s matter were tapered into the human scale of art and acted upon the materiality of the pictorial field the same way they work on the cosmic scale. If the human body is one of the forces driven by the Big Bang as Western science declares, then the same original drive that blows up Supernovas and congregates planetary matter seems to drive Marcia Ribeiro to create and manipulate universes inside the cosmogonic perimeter of the canvas.”