About Luleå Diocese

Luleå Diocese was founded in 1904 and is one of 13 dioceses in the Church of Sweden. More than 513,000 people live here in two counties, Norrbotten and Västerbotten.

It terms of area, it covers a third of the land in the whole of Sweden, from Karesuando Parish in the north to Nordmaling Parish in the south of the diocese.

The population in Luleå Diocese has doubled since it was founded. Since then the region has been characterised by the meeting of nature and urban areas, minority languages and the two large revivalist movements that originate from here: The Swedish Evangelical Mission (in Swedish: Evangeliska fosterlandsstiftelsen, EFS) and Laestadianism, the largest revivalist movement ever in the Nordic countries.

The parish forms the foundation

The foundation of the Church of Sweden’s activities consists of its parishes. Lund Diocese contains 57 parishes. The diocese has the task of supporting them, managing its property and other assets to finance the ministry of the clergy, and supervising activities and the ordained ministry (priests and deacons).

Management and organisation

The Church of Sweden is a democratic organisation, and the highest decision-making body of the diocese is the Diocesan Council, which is elected in the Church elections every four years. The Diocesan Council appoints a Diocesan Board which is the diocese’s executive body.

The diocese is led by the bishop, who is the chair of the Diocesan Board and the Chapter, which help the bishop with the supervision work. The work of the diocesan office is led by the diocesan director.

A Church with many members

Luleå Diocese is part of the Church of Sweden, an Evangelical-Lutheran faith community, of which 64.5% of Sweden’s population are members (2014). In Luleå Diocese that figure is 74% (2014). There are more than 1,000 employees, 1,280 elected representatives, 6,234 choral singers and 400 young confirmation leaders in the diocese.

Cathedral and diocesan office

Luleå Cathedral is located in the heart of the city. It was built in 1893 in Neo-Gothic style and is Sweden’s youngest cathedral. The diocesan office is a stone’s throw from the cathedral, at Stationsgatan 40. This old building dates from 1888.

The Diocese of Luleå

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