University Chaplaincy in Luleå

Welcome to University Chaplaincy in Luleå, where there is a place just for you! Whether you are a student or personnel, we are here for everyone regardless of your beliefs or religion.

We will be here for you!

Do you want someone to talk to, don't hesitate to contact anyone of us. Talking to someone can bring new light to issues you wrestle with. We can talk on the phone, go for a walk-talk, talk over the computer our in our confidential rooms at either LTU or Porsökyrkan. The rooms are furnished to offer a safe environment. Below you will find how to get in contact with us.

Morning and lunch prayer

Mondays and tuesdays at Porsökyrkan

Meet and Greet

Feel at home in the church sitting room. Have dinner, chat, play games or just hang around.

Midweek mass

at Porsökyrkan every Wednesday kl. 18.30.

En kvinna i gul kofta sitter i kyrkbänken. Raderna bakom henne är fyllda av människor.


at Porsökyrkan every Sunday.