Svensk flagga mot blå himmel
Foto: Kristina Johansson/IKON

About us

Welcome to the Church of Sweden Los Angeles. Learn more about who we are and what we do.

Vi har en ny webbplats

Du når Svenska kyrkan i Los Angeles här:

For well over sixty years, the Church of Sweden has been present in Southern California.

Here in Los Angeles we rent space from the Norwegian Seamans Church, located in San Pedro and with an amazing view of the port of Los Angeles.

The mission of Church of Sweden Los Angeles is to make Jesus known. We strive to provide a meeting place and a community - a home away from home - for the many Swedes in the area, as well as to all those interested in sharing Swedish culture and traditions.  

The first Sunday of every month (limited activities in July and August) we invite everyone to a Swedish service. An English translation of the sermon is always available on paper.


For more information about Church of Sweden, please visit the national website,

For more information on ways to support our congregation by becoming a member, please visit our membership page.