Student i domkyrkan
Foto: Royne Mercurio

In English

Welcome to the University Chaplaincy at Linköping University

The University Chaplaincy consists of priests and pastors serving the campuses of Linköping University. Our services are available to students, faculty and employees of the University.

Who do we represent?

We represent a variety of Christian denominations in Linköping and Norrköping and call ourselves the University Chaplaincy (in Swedish, Kyrkan på universitetet). We can help link you to denominations other than those we represent, or provide contacts for other religious organizations (e.g. Muslim, Buddhist). Contact us and we will try to help you. You can find our contact information under priests and pastors.

Our location

The University Chaplaincy is represented on all three campuses of Linköpings University: Valla on the second floor of Kårallen, MedFak (The Faculty of Medical Sciences) at the Student Affairs office and on the third floor of Örat, and in Norrköping at Kåkenhus.

The University Chaplaincy – what do we do?

We offer a variety of services as the University Chaplaincy. Here are some of our core responsibilities.


Life can be complicated, and sometimes especially during the student years when many questions of life are raised. During this time it can be helpful to reflect over choices, relationships and issues of faith or doubt, with an outside party. Don't hesitate to contact us. All conversations are strictly confidential.

Participation in teaching

We participate in a variety of instructional contexts including classroom lectures, small group discussions, and seminars.

In Crisis

The University Chaplaincy is part of the University's crisis team, which organizes an appropriate crisis response. We offer grief and crisis counselling as needed, in response to, for example, a death among students or staff.

Multi Faith - Providing additional contacts

Are you looking for a choir to join or a local church in Linköping and Norrköping? Do you want to contact another religious organisation (e.g. Muslim, Buddhist)? Ask us and we will try to help you!

Free free to contact us!

If you want to get in touch with us you will find our contact information with phone and email addresses here (in Swedish).