Brev från Kilolo

Några dagar före påsk fick församlingen en hälsning från Kilolo församling i Tanzania som sedan några år är vår vänförsamling. I brevet berättar de bland annat att församlingen har planterat många träd i vår och att de har startat ett nytt arbete på orten Kikuruhe. De ber också för vårt arbete i Sånghusvallen och för våra konfirmander. Här följer brevet i sin helhet.

Yona Kinganga
Pastor in charge
    Here in Kilolo this time we have enough rain and our environments are very nice. It shows that there is life and God blesses his people through their works and give them daily needs. Many people are working hard in their farms, weeding maize, planting wheat, sunflowers, beans and potatoes. Also from January to March, 2010 every preaching point planted trees in churches plot and up to this time 800 trees were planted. 
    We still go on with Evangelistic work at Itunduma Preaching Point and we worship together with Christians who are about seven up to ten every Sunday and Nefati Nyamoga is the evangelist who preaches there. Also we established New Area at Kikuruhe the place we plan to build Diaconical Centre but we don’t have the person to serve. Our aim is to establish Sunday school class. We need your prayers so that God can help us to fulfill our dream.
      In our hearts we hear   the voice of Jesus calling everyone, saying,   ”Come to me, all you labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart…” (Matt. 11:28).
     However most of the time Holy Spirit reminds us about prayer as foundation of strengthens our relationship. In our prayers we are praying for your new area at Sånghusvallen so that people can receive the Word of God at the place were you planned to worship at 21st February 2010 so that the whole people can understanding and love Jesus work. Also we pray for Confirmation Class who they are about to celebrate at 23 of May, 2010.
    We ask (invite) you to pray for the people of Kilolo that God will touch their spiritual and physical life. Also we ask for your prayers for our National Election which is going to take place at October, 2010 so that we can have peace and love in our country and to have good leaders. God bless Tanzania, Africa, Sweden and the entire world.
Asante sana ,“Tack  så mycket”
Karibu tena Kilolo!  ”Välkomna” Kilolo!
Jag heter,
Dear Pastor Olof   Roos, and our friends in Ås,
     Kamwene….!!! How are you?
     All Christians at kilolo church, me and my family we are very happy to see your pictures of different occasions during your visitation here at kilolo November 2009. Likewise we are thanking God every time and praying for you all the time. Also I would like to take this chance to congratulate you for opening new area at Sånghusvallen. We all believe in God that he can do his miracles of gathering people in that place and to worship together to give God praise.