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Jewish Cemetery of Kalmar

On February 5 2015, in accordance with the wish presented by representatives of the Jewish Community who previously have been the caretakers, it was decided by the County Government of Östergötland that the Jewish Cemetery from now on would form a special quarter of the Southern Cemetery.

It is now being taken care of and managed by the funeral department of the Church of Sweden in Kalmar. From now on Swedish funeral legislation applies for this cemetery, which means a clearer responsibility of the rightsholder of the grave, who have both certain rights and certain obligations.

At present we are still missing burial rights holders for 9 graves.

It would be very useful to get in touch with relatives of the buried, as they are now given the opportunity to assume legal responsibility for the grave site.

If we don´t find any relatives, the Parish of Kalmar will take over the responsibility for the grave. Read more- pdf.

The whole of the Jewish area which encompasses the grave sites is however considered cultural heritage which means among other things that it will be preserved.

In the area there is a monument and graves of Holocaust victims who died in Kalmar in connection with the war. For these 24 graves the funeral services in Kalmar is responsible. List of the buried A-Z, sorted by the last name. Pdf.

Welcome to contact us if you have more information to give us or questions to be answered!

On behalf of the funeral department of the Swedish Church in Kalmar - Anke Decker

In search of burial right holders:

Grave                   Responcible for the grave (late)      Buried in the grave

4 02 8                 Ida Blom sterbhus                                Ida Blom

4 03 6                  Algase sterbhus                                  Grete ALGASE GETEL

4 03 1                  Algase sterbhus                                  Max ALGASE L. MAX

4 03 8                  Fränkel og Hersson, Sara                     FRÄNKEL SARA

4 03 9                  Fränkel sterbhus, Ludvig                     FRÄNKEL LUDVIG REINHOLD

4 03 7                  Rosenthal sterbhus, Abraham Sigfrid     ROSENTHAL ABRAHAM SIGFRID

4 02 8                  Rosenthal sterbhus, Efraim                    ROSENTHAL EFRAIM

                                                                                        ROSENTHAL ROSALIE ALEXANDRA


Foto: Anke Decker
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