The Fresta choir

a short presentation in english

The Fresta Choir belongs to the Fresta church and parish in Upplands Väsby, a suburb north of Stockholm. It is a mixed choir with about 20 members. It has a large and well balanced sound, according to critics both among professionals and regular church goers. This characteristic has allowed it to perform – in the small and beautiful 12th century church of Fresta – works such as Bach´s Mass in B-minor, Mozart`s Requiem and Händel`s Messias.

Other performances range from the Latin American ”Misa Criolla” of Ramirez to a Russian orthodox vesper with music by Rachmaninoff. The choir has sung a number of modern works of contemporary Swedish composers and it has also enjoyed singing music by traditional choir composers.

Conductor of the choir between 1988 and May 2018 was Mrs Maria Stoltz Wahlforss, musical director of the Fresta church and parish. The last few years, the choir has been accompanied by members of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Swedish Radio and other professional musicians and vocal soloists.

The Fresta Choir has toured in Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Great Britain, Italy, Mallorca and Serbia.