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The Church of Sweden and the Sami - a White Paper Project

This is a short summary in english of the White Paper project on the Church of Sweden's relationship with the Sami and the ongoing reconciliation work between the church and the Sami.

Background to the White Paper Project

This summary contains background information, a description of the assignment and the organisation and the results of the work. The authors, Daniel Lindmark and Olle Sundström, have both been involved in the project from the start. Daniel as project leader and Olle as the project's secretary.

Introduction to the project

The White Paper Project on the Church of Sweden and the Sami should be seen against the background of the reconciliation work between the Church and the Sami undertaken during the past quarter century.

Inspired by international ecumenical efforts, this work was initiated in the Church of Sweden in the early 1990s. In both the northern dioceses and in the central organisation of the Church of Sweden, work was begun to provide better opportunities for integrating Sami people and Sami experiences into parish and church service activities. A national Sami council in the Church of Sweden was created in 1996 and Sami work groups were formed at diocesan level.

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results from the project

The results have now been published as a book, ”The Sami and the Church of Sweden - Results from a White Paper Project” by Daniel Lindmark and Olle Sundström. This book is available in bookstores.